Friday, April 29, 2016

Angelica Fuse writes

Blackbird Heart

there is a burning


sound clawing

at my inmost self

I perch on a wire

and watch

as you pass

knowing I will never

have the courage

to hop down

and greet you.


1 comment:

  1. Robert Louis Stevenson had a very different take. He viewed the blackbird, while Angelica saw the situation from the blackbird's perspective:

    My heart, when first the blackbird sings,
    My heart drinks in the song:
    Cool pleasure fills my bosom through
    And spreads each nerve along.

    My bosom eddies quietly,
    My heart is stirred and cool
    As when a wind-moved briar sweeps
    A stone into a pool

    But unto thee, when thee I meet,
    My pulses thicken fast,
    As when the maddened lake grows black
    And ruffles in the blast.


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