Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rik George writes

I dream of dolls
under my feet.
Their celluloid heads
crackle and crunch
as I walk over them.
Their plastic hair
tangles my toes,
threatening to trip me.
I wake, terrified,
to find my lover
shelling walnuts
and my toes wriggling
through the holes in my socks.


  1. Well I like the poem but the photo is just plain damn crEEpey............

  2. I was hoping to strike a balance between Chuckie and Barbie..... [Did you ever see the Beatles cover of the Liverpool lads chopping up a bloody doll?]

  3. Yes. You've succeeded.

    And yes. Must've been when they started "experimenting".... Record execs freaked out! That's cool.'s crEEpy.


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