Thursday, May 28, 2015

Steve Koons writes

Bütterfly Girl

POEM: Dream Sequence

The Bütterfly Girl is haunting my cobwebby dreams
Her throbbing thorax
Glistens with the pulpy sweet sticky milk
Of her sexuality

A soft sticky splat on my dirty window pane
Her silvery snail trail
Assures me she is just outside the rim
Of my reality 

Quivering antenna and soft aixkly skin
Her bulbous body
Pulsates with the pale sticky oozing
Of her humidity

Hot viscous secretions drip down my stick spine
Her milky mucus
Caresses my soul with the febrile fondlings
Of her fecundity

SONG: time to rock

Evening settles upon the horizon of my mind
     She squishes she squirms
          She haunts me 

Darkness sweeps across desert hills
     She flirts She flickers
          She haunts me

She is longing, her loneliness is too much
     She creeps she crawls
          She hunts me

She knows where I am She knows where I lay
     She slithers she slimes
          She has me

Hot desert nights fill with Morrisonian screams
     She grips! She grinds!
          She hurts me

There is no escape She knows where I sleep
     She slithers she slimes
          She hurts me

There is no escape from her sticky radar love
     She grinds she groans
          She heals me

There is no escape -- resistance is futile
     We groan we grind
          She haunts me


Bütterfly Girl
I wish you had arms that could hold me tight
Bütterfly Girl
Flittering through the dark humid dreams of night
Bütterfly Girl
Teasing with your feverish flirting flight 


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