Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Megha Sood writes

The Circle
“From the stars we came, and to the stars we return.
― Jack Campbell, Relentless”

Yes this could be the truth
The moment you are waiting for
The quest for life
The unveiling we all been waiting for

You wait for this to happen
To happen all your life
Heart has been pounding
Ears listening to the drumroll

Eyes peeling out to see the unbelievable
Hands sweating out to see the unspeakable
Yet deep down inside you know
You know it all
This is the moment from where
Everything begins to fall

Fall in the web of deceit and unhappiness
Weaving the web of lies and callousness
You keep breathing with a facade on
Waiting for the day when everything will be gone
The day comes and you become a stardust
Floating in this endless universe
Forever to be gone

You are conceived again as a hope
Holding the end of the rope
You witness the event again
With all the anxiety and the happiness mixed in between

This is how the life and death interweaves.
That’s how the circle completes.