Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Daipayan Nair writes

Handsome For A Threesome

Good job! The doctor pats world's bum
How was I vomited, dad?
I loved your mom, it was my 'fucking job'
I wanted to get rid of you, of her 
From addresses which I can't reveal 
But dangerous love stopped me 
Said, "Be weird as a fucker and a father"
That, she was killed by her master 
Now she's doing good as a mother
Existence is a son too with a risky fun
Existence is a daughter, getting slaughtered
Humanity, my close ally, an age old shame 
Surviving with fame of its name 
Duality tamed, they are game
'Woman' always sounded 'sexy' 
Mother, daughter, sister, pal, lover -
Emotions in intervals mattered; still do
I've loved beings, things, rings, strings, flings
I have been 'wanting' 
For a thousand years 
The political, social, genital heartthrob
When I want, I accept a gift or I kill
When I love, I don't care what's the bill
Man, a half-lived savage 
Balanced mortality keeping him 
At an average, making him overaged
Uniform sunsets in-between wages and sages
Extra blank page is born
Poets, polite with policies; politicians
Elite, my man with butts and bums
Rich & handsome goes for the threesome
Where the socio-equality of my lingerie 
Strong communism of my bulge 
Both fighting the smelly anus
No job or heartthrob but you lick it 
You just lick it.

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