Friday, February 5, 2016

Shambie Mpho writes

That’s all

She came running
To see for herself
where came the screams
Sounding like her mother's
Getting into her nerves
That's all...

She had a dream
To one day be a lawyer
To save the weak
And see to justice
Truly a bright girl
It seems so real a dream
that's all...
Now standing at the verandah
Built by her mother
Who taught her life
And its ups and downs
Huts were burning
People running
It was a riot
That's all...

On the ground lay a form
Shot from temple to temple
And a man in state-uniform
Waved a warrant
A justification of his actions
That's all...

A black cloud has fallen
The inevitable has happened
And the child collapsed
Wailing in agony
But she'll wake-up again
To face a bleak future
Without a mother
That's all...

1 comment:

  1. Whew. That's like a rock falling from the sky. You kind of know that's it's eventually going to hit the ground but not sure where, and what damage it will do. And then it does. And it hurts. Well done.


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