Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes


Salt falls to the earth, made of all the oceans that gave birth to this world, recognized as I cry, for their beauty....
The sweet, scintillating hips, sashaying in the moonlight so...are more defined tonight, a goodbye as the sweet flesh moves on,
Once, the tears would have been because I loved you...
Now, as bared soul moves on upon the scraping, carpet floor..
I can say it’s because you said....you loved me.
Insolent beast of things that say actions speak much louder than words,
Crush a beautiful soul...with justification and cause...oh wait, and honesty?
You. Are. Disgraceful.

A soul as deep as mine...that you knew you’d crush in time....
Selfish beast you are, taking the sweetness of my parting, wetted love...allowing me to feel with depths spoken fiercely...
A muse you are no more,
How did I not see you clearly before?

You are not above the cosmic law...and as such, remember this,
What you sow, in souls such as mine, with time, and degraded words....
Next time, you decide to linger with an eternal being, don’t.....
For you, are not really, in all your superficial spirituality...anything close, to true.

In my parting words, I say only this;
My love, exceeds the boundaries of most, it fills in the sunlight and the moon and brings a quivering heaven to the world...
But for all that..I am only me, and you knew that....
Shame. On. You.

Totoya Hokkei:  Woman in the Rain at Midnight Driving a Nail into a Tree to Invoke Evil on Her Unfaithful Lover

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