Monday, February 22, 2016

Austin Belanger writes

That Old Song and a Beer

It's a dark evening,
And the tears come easy this night,
Old songs play,
Times passed.
Many say to look forward,
But these days I see glimpses of what was,
And what may come.
The darkness is comforting,
For the light does expose,
A world that needs tending.
So, I sip this beer,
Remember those who have passed into time before me,
And console my soul,
With smiles and tears,
And mental hugs.
Some days are darker than others,
But seldom do I regret the visitation,
Of passing ghosts,
And melancholy memory.
I will see you again,
All of you.
On the edge of eternity,
Beyond the rainbows,
Where tears do not roll beneath a saddened eye.
(written after my good friend's mother passed) 

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