Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heather Jephcott writes

Expiry Date

She begin to allow her mind
to run through that which had an expiry date
all the things that she would not be able to take with her
to the place beyond the grave.

She wondered about her own past words.....
it was possible that they might hold some significance to a few after she was no longer
on planet earth but would that be even noticed in heaven?

She was absolutely certain that people were very important
spending time with them,
helping them,
loving them,
all the ones being sent her way.

She wanted what she did, what she said,
to have eternal significance, a worthwhileness
that was more than just here today and gone tomorrow
although she felt in her heart
that some of today's significance
had much to do with tomorrow
and forever.

But what things really did not matter?
What things could not be taken in any way
into eternity?
there was nothing rotten and bad there....
and she knew that as much as she liked books,
they would not be coming but surely beautiful words
might possibly be remembered, and wonderful stories too?

Perfection is part of eternity
but not part of our own existence now.
Love never ends
and will continue on into the perfection of heaven
Prophecies, language, knowledge
will come to an end;
For now we only know in part,
therefore all writing, drawing, singing, cooking, working,
speaking, preaching is only part of something
far bigger and greater
when the perfect comes,
the partial will come to an end.

The Good News about what was valuable to her here now
and would flow into the here after
were relationships, and always loving and forgiving
and following in the footsteps of the Saviour.
Using the gifts she had been given to bless others
was high on that list.
Where she lived, what she wore and things like that
were only relevant, only received their significance
if they helped in this grand mission
of loving others. 

Connected intricately with love
was beauty....
and the shadows now of pure beauty's exquisite nature
would to be revealed then in magical heavenly colours
where God is even more evident than He is here on earth.

She was trying to use her gifts to create beauty,
pale in comparison to that which God had already made
but still, an offering to be used as He saw fit, however He desired. 


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