Thursday, February 11, 2016

Micheal Ace writes

How i wish!!!

I tried covering my corpse of tears,
with the well knitted sands of smiles.
But see my leg popping out of earth,
Mirror of love stripped me before eyes.
How i wish you turn back to love me
and take this cross of envy off me.

You weren't there to see those times,
when my white eyes turned crying skies.
Or how else do i tell you 'I Love You',
than starting with 'I' and ending with 'You',
with 'Love' well voiced in the middle.
I see now two singles in just one double.

It's easy telling there's nothing wrong,
But harder to zoom off and be strong.
How much does a heart of love cost?
At least i can sell all my royal cloths.
And if i don't have enough money still,
My mother will toil to get it for me.

When will i ever let your eyes see me cry?
When in an ocean i find my dropped tear.
For i'm born to hide my tears in my pen,
But just for you i have ceased being a poet,
Take my pen and muse, have my words,
But wear your crown to queen my world.
"Cry" --Clive Barker 

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