Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anne Tibbitts writes

All In 
She stood at a seventies Olive green stove cooking bacon. 
The morning fog lifted off the lake. she broke two eggs into the
hot grease. sitting down to eat, she looked long out the window. 
she had gotten the trailer. she had worms in the fridge. the pole 
was in the corner. thank god she had never lost the pink fur 
striped hat. And it was easy to find an Old Blue zip up sweatshirt 
hoodie and get it dirty. 
Everything was the same good feeling being in that place. 
She wS so glad to smell the clean air and to know she could take a 
hot bath every day and lie down on a new mattress. This mission she 
was on had been carefully planned and she was confident that 
everything would stay on plan 
What she didn't expect nor ever even consider is that he himself 
had been planning the exact same mission 
So when she opened the front door early that morning how surprised 
was she to find him standing there getting ready to knock? 
Washing his hair with warm filtered lake water and kiwi shampoo the 
fragrance took her way far back in her mind. 
She had always been the one to tell people never give up on love. It 
can come at any age. 
And yet she herself didn't believe it would ever apply to her. 
But stars fall from faraway places and u never can tell when its 
your turn to go to the head of loves long line 
She was ready 
She knew exactly what to do 
There was no guessing involved 
She took her place in his heart 
And let the beauty of each day unfold 
After all, love makes the World go round 
And she was spinning on a whole new axis.

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