Saturday, February 20, 2016

Noel Ijezie writes


Just as the sun is sure that night is on its way.. 
And the Foetus knows it will be delivered someday.. 
Just so will I wait for you, only if you believe my words are true....

The flash of lightning signals the arrival of thunder.. 
And a sick child wakes always to the teary eyes of it's mother... 
Likewise shall I wait for you, and I'd make your memories the force which pulls me through....

The moon shall be the priest that binds us... 
I'd guide my tears into your soul and wash you anew... 
Distance would steal my thoughts and take you afar off... 
But I'd gaze into your eye and rest assured - that I'd wait for you...!

:- excerpts from 'For the love of you (Brooke)'

 picture of pagan - Metaphorical idea of the moon - JPG

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  1. James Joyce:

    What counsel has the hooded moon
    Put in thy heart, my shyly sweet,
    Of Love in ancient plenilune,
    Glory and stars beneath his feet -- -
    A sage that is but kith and kin
    With the comedian Capuchin?

    Believe me rather that am wise
    In disregard of the divine,
    A glory kindles in those eyes
    Trembles to starlight. Mine, O Mine!
    No more be tears in moon or mist
    For thee, sweet sentimentalist.


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