Monday, February 8, 2016

Ramesh Rai writes

Eternal Walk

Oh, my Soulmate!
Keep me in your heart,
Let's walk to the eternal goal.

Come, let's walk together,
to reach the destination
where the sky hugs the earth,
for ever.

Oh, my beloved!
you're truly my soulmate,
incarnate your profound love
every now and then.

Come, come, come!!!
Let's walk together,
to engross the crimson dawn,
to make our love
like crimson horizon
from where sun peeps down the earth,
to spray its light, to exsiccate
all melancholic tears of her eyes.

Come, my soulmate
come to me and walk together
where ocean ends to sky
where every dusk is ornated
with a zillion stars, to be lost
in the depth of night.

Come, come, come,
Oh my beloved
You're my hope
to engross me
into the eternal depth
of your bosom and might,
to entwine our soul
and walk together
to be lost in infinite horizon
where sky embraces the earth
and makes her for ever
in the eternal walk of life.

 Street until the horizon

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