Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brigitte Poirson writes

The Poetree

You know the poetree 
Grows deciduous leaves
That will float on the winds 
And flow with the floods
To irrigate the earth.

You know the poetree 
Grows deciduous loves 
That will fall dead on the ground 
And be buried by the earth 
To inseminate the soil.

You know the poetree 
Grows flowery images
That will mature into fruit
To feed birds and bards
And fecundate humanity.

You know the poetree 
Grows grassroots
Into the loamy locus of the soul. 
You know that, pruned or prurient,
The poetree will branch out to the world.

Think thrice, 
Before you fell it! 
Its sawed up boards will grow 
Into strongholds of words 
That will blow the spirit of life in the universe. 
Its truncated trunk will grow 
Thousands of shoots 
That will outgrow 
The previous poetree.

You know the poetree 
Defies storm, sun and sky 
To claim the azure.

 paintings of tree

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