Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Bared to You

Dropping the acts, the public displays of persona, one garment at a time,
First the silk shirt falls, gazing towards your eyes, burning with something far deeper than need...
The way your energy swims in and out of mine, a lover divine, in my majestic presence,
Though you don’t know, rare and sweet a gift this love is.

To have my eyes, the hungry green...hunting, devouring you,
Cotton pants slide past thighs and knees as I bend so slightly with my heart shaped ass held high,
You watch with your steely greys, a growl, slightly heard from your delicious lips....
Moonlight shimmers off every inch of my smooth flesh and ravaged soul.....unabashed.

I stand, chin held high, unashamed of imperfections in perfection,
A beautiful soul shines brightly through the flesh, hook by jagged hook, the bra falls to my toes, exposing prose in the swell of trembling breasts...
And still I gaze, never removing my eyes from yours, as the soft crumpling sounds fall all around...
Attempting to distract me from the pleasure I feel, seeing you pleased.

There is a lift in the moonlight as it wanes, feigning dawn and the rising, glorious sun as fingertips trace the lace on my hips,
Zig zag do the hips go, this way, then that, as the black hindrance slides sweetly down damp and starving flesh...
But still, your beautiful face consumes my attention as I unrobe...completely...
Bared before you, mind, body and soul.

What will you do with me now?

 Kneeling Girl, Disrobing, 1910 Giclee Print

 Kneeling Girl, Disrobing -- Egon Schiele, 1910  

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