Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rik George writes

First Date

You laughed at clowns shambling by.
We cheered the parading elephants
marching to drums and calliope.
Trapeze artists, twirling their capes,
suggested on earth their aerial grace.
A donkey passed pulling the rope
that dragged behind him a dozen clowns
I bought us burgers and lemonade.
You ate my pickle.  I ate your chips.
Vendors came selling balloons
and pictures of the watching crowd.
I bought you a monkey on a stick.
“Thank you,” you said.  “I love a parade,”
and kissed me lightly on my cheek.


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  1. This is part of "Lines from a Gum Tree Grove," a book of 56 quatorzains forming a poetic exercise analogous to the sonnet sequences of various Elizabethan and Victorian poets. These quatorzains, 14-line poems, are in iambic tetrameter, rhyming a b a c b c d e f d e g f g.


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