Monday, November 30, 2015

Jennifer Sage writes

Bring Me into Temptation

Struck again as moonlight strikes the edge of the horizon,
Breathing, suddenly surrendered to the coming night....
Altogether taken,
To the edge of what was mine.

Looking through the shrouded lace,
Upon a tethered, wistful taste of love....
Bring me not into redemption...but into temptation,
With a forsaken gaze upon my tender flesh.

Silence revered, but not here...
Not now, when I’m drowning with the most sacrificial desire,
One, two, three....gone,
Into the fire of memories detained.

A secret I’ll never tell, but always feel....
I offer me, just more, no less,
No matter as the moonlight wanes,
That I am caught in the crossfire of my heart.

Give one, take another...
Waiting for that other brim to fill,
Love, in its rawest forms...
Heeds no warnings of the days to come.

Eyes open again to the world as it is,
Sexual Tendencies
Heart filled, heart broken, heart redeemed....
It is not thy heart, but thy soul however...
That truly sees.

And that, is never broken....


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  1. I love this line: "Bring me not into redemption...but into temptation . . ."


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