Saturday, November 14, 2015

Arti Pandey writes

I 'm a wounded fish
Bleeding, bruised
Of a narrow algae pond
That owns another
Like me, bonnier
With broad fins
Slightly snobbish.
Alas! This pond
Once loved me
Like none ..
It's water tenderly weaved boon
Of love
Cooling my burning heart
And its boundaries
My security
Oh! Since the other fish
That this pond
Sheltered, owned.
I wail and pathos
Fills my paining heart. .
Pangs for being unloved
Kill me
Now I'm a bleeding fish
Dying for water
Though submerged
I often try
To overcome
Cross the edgy  bars
Of the cold pond
Cruel n brambly
Pricky and pinching
O again n again
I bleed even more
I often try to leap
Into the nearby pond
That looks upon
Winks to hold me tight
In his heart
And seemed promising
Willing to enthrone
As the only duchess
Of his vast empire
In vain, I fail
For the old edges are
Restraining me to cross 

O every time I try
I bleed again 
and yet Once more....


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