Saturday, November 14, 2015

Arlene Corwin writes

(there’s been a six-fold terrorist attack on France).

Where you are
When terror comes
Is karma,
Call it what you will,
Its chain untraceable.
You cannot call it anything but miracle.

Explosions over France tonight,
The inexplicability of death and fright;
Yet in the bloodbath some survive,
Shielded in uncanny ways:
Wrong time, right place;
Cell phone, a leather jacket,
Bend of knees, a sudden sneeze;
Placement meters from the rocket
Or the bullet, slightly wounded
In the toe by shrapnel’s glow,
You don’t know where to go and so,
You hide, ride out the storm
Until police and saviors come;
Some miracle of cause/effect,
Your destiny, your fate:
Call it what you will,
It’s still
A miracle.

This verse concerned survivors.
We will not mention perpetrators -
Pawns of ideology that kills.  Well,
Karma’s individuality will tell.
“He who lives by sword will die…”
Though every word he swears by
Has a scripture.
I’m pretty sure!

More About The Terror Attack In France

What I learn I give to you,
Flawed as it always is.
The brain alive. So grateful.

Terror deed in France tonight.
Terror deed in duplicate,
In triplicate, quadruplicate,
Quintuplicate, sextuplicate –
All synchronized!
And I, in bed, head functioning, limbs too,
Sit sharing it with you,
Ridiculous and disconnected the reality.
There may be better ways of acting –
I have no better way.

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