Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ken Allan Dronsfield writes

Shadowed Myth

"Yes, I shall admit, I love you,
as dark creatures of the night are loved;
concealed between the icy shadows
and the haunted heart.

Albeit the Sun now an evanescent memory.
Our faith and hopes are born after twilight;
whilst creeping among raucous thoughts of despair.
Raising hands high to dispel even a star shine.

Walk your hushed path keeping
your faithless desires locked within for
I shall always be but a whisper away,
once the candle flames are extinguished.

I'll then secretly ride the steamy ribbons
of impassioned desires within your essence.
Pursuing the rapture as I chain the inner demons;
Spreading shadowed myths with a fiery flair."


  1. Think of this poem in two parts, one ending with the word "despair" and the other with its rhyme "flair."

    1. Ken Allan Dronsfield a new and upcoming poet, Michael Lee Johnson, https://www.facebook.com/groups/807679459328998/


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