Friday, November 27, 2015

KianaRose writes

Massacre in Blue

Let’s paint the world blue with aspartame and hydrochloric acid. 
We can pour it into coke bottles, 
You can’t drink,  
And watch the color float away;  
Then, paint the world blue, 

Tongues can’t lie

If they are melted to your teeth.
So color them cerulean
To contrast powdered bodies.
Navy flesh oozing off
Sea-foam bones.

We can paint blood sapphire, with a sweet, glittered shine;  
A mountain stream of coagulated tissue. 
Pour it into coke bottles,  
You can’t drink,  
And we could be blue,

Acid syrup, rotting teeth  
Pearly, electric 
Hello, Skull.  
Hello, Blue 
Babies turned stone bones. 

We digress.  
We turn blue.

And amidst the chaos, 
Mingling with the coke bottles,  
You can’t drink,  

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