Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan writes


This is not a goodbye
cos when your heart beat
makes a sound which you feel
I am there breathing with you.

Go far away from home
I will keep solace in loneliness
away with the behavior
even when I make the strange land my home
yet I will keep you in mind.

Hold me closer to you,
let me rest under your arms,
let my heart breath chat with yours,
tho this is not a last greeting
cos I am behind your shadow.

I will pick my bag and leave
as I head towards the east,
remember to take along with you
the bond that binds us together-

This is not a goodbye
just a reminder
to knot our minds together
even when we seem afar
yet our souls still meet

at the tarmac of remembrance.

This is not a goodbye
cos I took your selfie
with the sharpest camera- The MOON
so that every time it rains
and switches on its light
I remember your face.

This is not a goodbye
this is just the beginning
of our physical departure.

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