Friday, November 13, 2015

Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju writes

far away


my love, i send you pure passions

on the wings of these cold colds
to give you warmth...

did i tell you?
of the gossips of the stars
their talks of sparkles in the look of your eyes

did i tell you?
how in the brightness of darkness
they twinkle the praise of your purity of love...


i have searched for your smile
in the lines of your letters...

none except for these perturbed thoughts
of when will I come home...

how i searched...

now, i am perturbed too
for i desperately desire the part of your lips
and the beam of your shining teeth...

i only wish your smiles for these miles...


i dream dreams of your desires
and my ears tingle at your silent calling
the call of my name...

love, shall i hide this from you?
the nights without sleep
and a million stare at your portrait...

the mutterings of lovely nonsense
and the flashes of reveries

mild reveries of momentous memories...


far away on furthering ways

my heart fears...
of this tether pulling me away

of this heavy weakness of thoughts
the trouble of losing you...

love, i wish these cold colds
give you my words and warmth...

this wind may fly me far
i am always near here in your hear

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