Friday, November 20, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes

DEAR FRIENDS (Dedicated to all my friends)

Dear friends
Your Hearts are
So divine and pure
I dwell in them
With your thoughts
I love to live in them

My tears in rains
Wounds agonies and pains
My screams and torments
All wash away with the touch
Of your warm hearty feelings
I heal up the breath of my words
Footsteps of joy invade my mind
I am able to offer
The shining petals of white
To the darkest side of moon
Even in the deep scary night

I stumble and fall sometimes
I am weak at my knee sometimes
I feel only the thorns sometimes
Loneliness eats me away sometimes
But when you my dear friends bring
The garden of roses with its wondrous scent
I see the world pretty
My words alive from its death
My heart with the loves and dreams beneath
Soars high and flies

Dear friends
Someday I will die on my words
With the last line of my poetry
For the immortal world
But I assure you
My words will not die
I will be felt and seen all through
With your precious love and joy
I will be bloomed always like a flower
In the pulsating garden of your hearts

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