Friday, November 20, 2015

Shambie Mpho writes


She carried me
In the womb
For a while...

For a while
In the womb
There was life...

Then she killed me
Very softly
Strangled me
To death
And i died
In my mother's womb...

There is death
Eternal silence death
In the womb
And i died
For sins unknown
of a faceless father...

But surely, heavens,
I did not deserve
To be strangled
So hard
To death
In the womb
In my own mother's womb
Till life dried out...

I fear the hands
My own mother's hands
They're tombs
They grow thorns
Greater than hell's
Unloving hands
Killerman's hands...

But look what you've done to me mama
My blood cried out for mercy
My head crushed into pieces
My flesh squeezed
Strangled to death
before birth
In the womb
In my own mother's womb
And the death legalised...

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