Thursday, November 19, 2015

Soulistic Poet writes

Confession 16

I swear my demons
Respect no boundaries
They penetrate all of me
Without consent, constantly
I have nowhere to run
Nowhere to seek safety
They stalk and hunt and trap
My peace of mind, in a box of insanity

They demand daily falacio
So they could release in me self-doubt
Ejaculating self-hate
Directly into my mouth
So that all my words will be tainted
And the power of my tongue will fall out
They want to mute my voice of reason
And silent the pen in me that tries to shout

I can't even describe the pain
Of the night fall sodomy
How they arch my back to ensure
They can pound at all of me
Stabbing so deep
My soul gets assaulted brawlfully
Leaving a bleeding spirit that begs them
To please leave me with at least an ounce of dignity

I often wonder if they see my tears
As they stroke away in my center
If they don't feel the fear in my thighs
As they go to enter
As they go to kill my hope
And leave my dreams in the hands of murder
They want me to burn alive
As they "superman" me with their ether

I don't even know if it's rape anymore
I no longer have the energy to fight
I freely give them my mind in the day
And willing expose my body at night
Before they even enter the room
I've already turned off all the lights
I now consider the darkness my home
And these demons my faithful husbands and wives 


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