Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reena Prasad writes

Sultry Ripples
My nights have forgotten to don black
watching sweat's silvery mizzle rival the dawn
that stops awhile to watch me sigh in bliss
before darting away to sing
of our thirst's riparian dams
while the glass panes tremble, tuning
into dubious frequencies of hunger's
vocal concoctions
and propped up on pillows
digging into them
are bare feet caught amidst
shifting power equations

They have abandoned me
their inkiness curling up
into every concave cove of need
and sleep wanders-- a forlorn wraith
heaving herself into warm attics
wherever she finds night nestling

They nuzzle and guzzle-- these two
while I lie awake
my dreams wearing the discarded robe
to keep a frangible earth spinning
 If there was one thing that I could change about would ...

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