Monday, November 2, 2015

Ramesh Rai writes

I Searched For You

I searched for you in Mosque, Church,
Temple, Gurdwara, and at so many places
where you are being chanted
in various names of God or
any powerful spirit of nature

I found solace and peace
for the time being
but when I returned to my hermitage
disappointment starred me

I sat in meditation
chanted your various names, but still
disappointment followed me

So, I came out beneath the open sky
in the field, then
I saw you ploughing fields
sowing seeds of life
without caring about sun and rain
for creation of a new life
for survival of the existing life

I saw you in blooming flowers
without caring about sun, rain, thunder and storms
spreading thy fragrance,
pleasing all passers by
I saw you being ripened with fruits and corns
for nourishment of all lives

I saw you making roads
hugging sun, rain and bitter cold
in your bosom, for all the travelers of the world
making them reach
to the goal of their lives

I saw you, building mansions
irrespective of seasons for comfort of lives
self residing under the roof of a thousand ventilations
and rejoicing the natural phenomenon of life

I saw you in whore lanes
selling her body for survival of her life
and survival of lives of dependents
and of her kids

I saw you in whore lanes
entertaining her customers
to rejoice in the fun of life

I saw you flying in open sky
chirping the song of freedom
choosing the grains in the field
for amusement of natural life.

I saw you in shambles
sacrificing the life of cattle
being slaughtered brutally
for making delicious dishes
to rejoice in the fun of life

I saw you in the fragrance
of thy sweat coming out
due to days' toil

I saw you in changing seasons of life

I saw you giving rain and light

I saw you in sky, water, in land

I saw you
evolving for creation of new life
for a new fuller life and its decay.

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  1. A gurdwara, meaning the gateway to the guru, is the place of worship for Sikhs.


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