Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kannadasa Dasan writes

           LIVE FOR OTHERS

He alone lives who lives for others
He alone helps who helps the poor!
Drive away from the poor their pains
Divine will be your dirty house door!

Name and fame of you will go away
To the poor weightless words you say!
The glory of the alms giver will stay
The graceless will never bloom a gay!

He alone is the light of man who has
Virtue bounty justice care and grace!
The World thinks and tells his praise
Who welcomes and gives with grace!

The crows hide not; they call and eat
Fame abides a man who acts like that!
The sun protects moon and the earth
The justice will protect a donor’s worth!

Goodness of worthy wealth will bless
Who treats the poor as their guest!
Who treats a poor and expects the next
Is a reserved guest in heaven’s feast!

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