Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ashi writes

I inhaled thousand deaths and crossed oceans of lives, to acquire this moment,
Where you are in front of me wrapped in roses of shyness, blushing and beautiful.

I am desirous to be close, to absorb the moment of our reunion of immortal love,
You and I were yearning for this precious togetherness since so many years.

Clock is running fast and every passing tick is taking me away from you,
I want to live all the moments of happiness and all joys of the hues of blue.

I am desirous to exchange breaths and heart beats and hold this time for us,
A nervous hassle is following between us and creating a strange fuss.

Dear come close to me, I don't want this eternal moment to go by in the abyss
Love me so much that we can fill the empty gaps of differences left amiss.

You and I are all alone living in separate corners; this eternal get-together is set,
To reunite two loving souls existing in different bodies, restless until we meet.

The melting clock, 1931 Poster, Art Print, Salvador DALI Prints ... 
The melting clock, Salvador Dali 

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