Saturday, July 25, 2020

Neetu Malik writes

White Knee 

Rioting. Police. 
Making America great 
with men down 
on their knees. 

They say slavery ended 
in the last century 
black student enrolled 
in a white university. 

Those men and women 
kissed their dark shores 
were hauled into steerage 
dumped in like coal 

made their journey west 
to hostile lands 
bound and forbidden 
to speak or to rest. 

They say slavery ended 
in the last century 
but here's a black man dying 
under a white man's knee.

N.J. group to protest death of George Floyd


  1. Four Minneapolis. Minnesota, police officers cooperated in the death of handcuffed George Floyd on 25 May 2020. One of them knelt on his neck for some 9 minutes, cutting off his oxygen, while 2 others restrained him by putting pressure on his back; the 4th police officer kept bystanders from interfering. The action led to months of daily protests against police brutality around the world.

    1. Thank you, Duane, for your comment stating the background which has led to the Black Lives Matter Movement. In the 21st century, there is no excuse for such horrific violence and the racism that causes it.


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