Saturday, July 25, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

The Brain

Each one has a sense of beauty.
Where does this perception start?
Kidney, heart?
No, brain, of course!
Eyes, mouth, ears but tools of force,
But loves and fears
Lie in two spheres 
Inside a skull
Above it all.

Our lovely brains, which ‘full of beans’
Contain the lot.
And we, not knowing what we’ve got,
Our preferences in teeny cells 
Of silent bells
Communicating predilections,
Favorites and inclinations 
Throughout neurons in the billions.

Traits encased in names galore  
(hundreds more which surely bore)
Only micro meters thick, sticking to each other,
Connectivity a chemistry,
Frequency a constancy,,  
Language inconceivable to you and me.

Cerebral cells unsinkable,
Energies unthinkable,
And this, this brain 
Which in itself remains an unexplained mind-blowing star, 
Showing us how utterly adored we are.

Brain; cerebrum, cerebellum,
Hemispheres; corpus callosum, 
Medulla oblongata, brainstem…
Oh, the wonders of this clever sum!

Neurons specialised to signal,
Process, voice and choice and will;
Conversing with…transversing  cell,  
Its function and detail 
To do the everything that makes us whole.
Brain illustration

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