Saturday, July 25, 2020

Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia writes

Insight Out of Sight

Whom have I pleased the most?
Those farthest from me except for those who know me not at all though I have made many such happy too, despite their not knowing me

Whom have I annoyed even hurt the most? Those closest to me. Why would others bother? Yet I may have hurt many I don’t know, them unknowing me personally, me unknowing or knowing only dimly in exactly how my being what I am doing what I do eating what I eat consuming what I consume by my class function for instance or my way of life.

Which is the real me?
Which the unreal?
Is there a real me?
Is there really a me at all, real or unreal?
Or am I just my own perception of a tiny node of the Great Universe?

Who’s to judge? I myself? Or other self appointed judges? Or Church or State? Or this uncertain entity called God or Soul or whatever? And what is to be the consequence of such judging? More of the same, or the opposite?

Whom do I love that I hate so much?
Whom do I hate that I love so much?
And they, me ?

One may pause to reflect
But will it change things?
Can these things qua things actually be changed at all ever by one person?
By one person’s thoughts?
By a thought?
Some think so
Others disagree

For life must go on
Or at least time will pass
The world will go by
Or come to an end

Exactly what is it that we really can control, if not our own thoughts?
Not even emotions
Not even action
Perhaps not even thoughts
From where do thoughts arise?

Think about it
Or not
It’s up to you
It’s up to me
Or is it?

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