Saturday, July 25, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes


So admirable and so worthwhile.
It never ‘killed a cat.’
It’s so much more than that.
in one who has it,
It may seem idiosyncratic. 

But a treasure trove potential, 
Of the jewelled and ideal,
Experiential and essential, 
Meant to be a quality of more than ‘simple’,
Curiosity which makes you strong, 
Through broadened knowledge,
Every living thing and not, a college,
It is spirit:  spirit of enquiry -
For none deny
It is a spirit.
Oddity  but spirit always is;
All have, few use,
The masses leaning on old views. 

One thinks a thought and wonders why
And where and how and who
And so on till the thought is through.
These days it’s only to pursue 
And follow through: so easy 
With technology.

A universal literacy is all that’s needed.
Freedom helps.  
Once seeded, curiosity might gain nobility,
Both well deserved
And In the end, serve self
And all humanity.

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