Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Deadmandeadman One writes

It seems she had a gun, it would do no good to run, so I sat and thought of things to say

She started setting up the percolator and putting out coffee cups, I told her I didn't like coffee, she told me I'll drink it anyway.

The ropes around my ankles didn't bother me much, but the ones around my wrists really hurt

But being all trussed up as I was I didn't know what she thought I could do when she lifted up her skirt

You'll have to face up to it she said with a little bitter smile crossing her face like a shadow breeze

I woke all greasy-faced and groggy, a hammering in my head, I found myself naked and tied to her bed

She was in another room, I could hear her talking to someone else there but I couldn't hear what she said

I woke up again after an hour or two, lying by the side of the highway, bare as a newborn babe
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