Monday, June 1, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Up Above The Clouds

You never think
That up above the clouds
Sun blazes.
Though we know it’s dazzles,
We so easily forget
When day is dark and wet.

(Today is one such day,
As I sit typing ‘way
Shrouded by the dismal cloud outdoors. 

Ah well, one manages to execute
The tasks that one might skip
If day was dipped in dripping sunbeams.

As the pearl of wisdom goes,
“Be thankful for small blessings,”
For who knows
How many unknown pains
Might be there without rains
As we engage is climate change.

And whomsoever dares complain
(As I have done this soggy day)
Does not deserve a foggy day
Like this specific sun-less Friday
When the future prophesizes ocean’s rise
And parched, infertile, ‘fry’ days.

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