Monday, June 1, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

 How Can I Resist You?  
(based on a true story - as they say in films)

“How can I resist you?"
Says the husband to the wife.
"You are the treasure of my life.
I can’t desist.”
“How can I ignore the body next to me?
A body that I love to watch and love to see,”
Says the husband tenderly.
After many years of nights together,
Days deciding whether such and such is right;
For him the very sight of her
Excites his eagerness to please,
Put her at ease
In any way he can.
There is no plan,
Just following the fancy of the moment.
“Will it be potatoes, eggs or rice?!"
Without thinking twice,
The meal a catalyst 
Anything can taste as nice 
When fancy’s fantasy takes part,
The mind and heart allied.
For both of them, no whim or hunger is denied,
Including pride in what the other realizes and attains.

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