Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

It’s Suddenly ’In’ 

We’ve had to wait until it’s ‘in’.
Why must we wait
Until it’s late…too late
To get the message to not care
About the skin -
NOT be aware,

That grisly murder 
Must take place
Before we register the obvious:
Oblivious to face, to race 
Without excuse or cause 
Or any justifying basis. 
Unattached indifference once expressed,
The chief compensation and success.

If evil has its origin in ethics and morality,
Dis-pathy (I made that up)
Vile, injurious;
Stinking, dirty, ruinous
Where all rejecting ‘-o u s’
Are harmful in the end,
Then hatred of the pigment 
Leads the trend.
Mindless hatred, mindless rage:
It it to represent our age?

In any case, I’ll join the group
Of ‘hoopdehoopers.’
Silently, I’ll  do my bit,
Writing a little, 
Saying to the world, “i love you all”.
Even if I too,
Have miles to go.

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