Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Robert Ronnow writes

Aaron’s Coconut
Start the day. In what way
was the cold spring, last wet summer a
global warning, indicator. Says

one commentator on the op-ed page, the
dislocations, wars, famines will tax humanity’s
technology, philosophy, even religion’s ability

to see past daily survival to
the music in the rock. I’ve doubted the taboos
one frog among many in the slow-heating beauty

of the world we knew. Aaron’s coconut.
Peepers doing well in the heavy rains, wet
with joy. Hawks and crows thrive below the jet

stream, noise, perhaps our fears
are overdrawn, we’ll get along, it’ll all hold together
      10,000 years more,
the Holocaust will never be repeated, lush mountain
      and sere

desert equally appreciated, baseball
lazily paced summer evenings, the harvest in the fall
a sure thing, and the dying back a blessing come to all.

Coconut Cocktail by Slim Aarons
Coconut Cocktail -- Slim Aarons 

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  1. As a combat photographer who earned Purple Heart in World War II, Aarons once insisted that the only beach worth landing on was "decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun." In 1952 he caught Swiss bandleader/musician/ actor/nightclub owner/restaurateur Teddy Stauffer sharing a drink from a coconut shell at Acapulco, Mexico.


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