Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

When Joy Leaves

When joy leaves, what steps in?
Nature doesn’t love a vacuum -
Almost never leaves a vacuum.
When joy leaves
Rampant listlessness of mind takes over*
And a person by the name of Nover
Is observer.

Paucity so strange and foreign
Doesn’t doesn’t really want that thing - that joyless thing
To put the mind, spine, neck to swing
(As in the concept ‘noose’’).

When shorn or torn from mind-set,
Sleeplessness replacing it,
The active peace hard to get back
Unless one has provided self
With some kind of a silent frame
With any kind of name, (but lame) for comfort -
Times when happiness has left its home inside your heart,
It’s but to wait it out,
To find again the peaceful state
With gentle and unsentimental will
To stillness.
*rempant listlessness; an oxymoron


  1. Duane, emailed you again, did it come through?

  2. what a cool site duane...you know your stuff man...respect!


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