Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

The Good Ethic 

We need, must have good leaders
Upright, ethical. 
Leaders who, role models all,
Rather than distort the word
Would, if a situation called
Fall on the situation’s sword.

Tidal waves, cracks in the earth,
Lava, outbreaks at our teeth, 
Pre-set, present, hard to say,
What’s needed to de-threat 
The probabilities that link mortality
Is changed morality,
And from the start, start
Well before calamity
Starts rumbling.

It can’t, does not take much to just not cheat.
Susceptible, corruptible, unreachable 
Can suddenly become  impeachable.
Bleating, leaders; grumpy, tweeting…
Ought not take much to delete
A leader’s grumbling, tweeting, bleat.

A man of trust is what we need;
Whose only beads come not from God
But from a creed of noble heart.
Simply defined and hard to find
We miss the ethical of mind.

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