Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Sorrow, A Chemically Good Thing?
We sorrow for the ones we lose.
A sadness fraught with news 
So shocking,
We’re left crying, shaking;
Husband, child, friend, pet, fish…
Is sorrow beneficial?
Should we carry, bury it?
Certainly it’s pain.

The pain-filled cell - is it well? 
Pain always a symptom all’s not well.
What to do to heal the ill, clear the pain,
Repeating and re-printing self on helpless brain?
One thing only:
Practice being where you are
And what you’re doing:
Eating, sewing, drinking, brewing
(i’ve left out the scr…
Anything’s conceivable when grieving.)

‘Being’ means to be aware
You cannot think two things at once.
Life’s not a dance.
But when and if you dance, for goodness,
Feel the the heel, knees, thighs, 
Legs kicked a meter high.
When and if you read or cook,
Breath in the crockpot, smells and look,
Make eye examine all and each
Ingredient you reach for.
In a while, a long/short while
The corners of your mouth will smile,
All things succeeding without needing to;
For life is in you ‘spite the loss.
You’re the boss, deserving laughter
Without pills and ever after.

Sorrow’s pain can leave.
And you, relieved, revivified,
Who cried day through
Will re-discover what life is and who
You are:
A moving, shining, mortal star!

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