Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ken Allan Dronsfield writes


Your light will not shine 
this night.
you'll walk dead streets
confused, again.

dance till dawn in your
Jimmy Choo's.
your red nails tarnished
and broken.

the music refuses to play
in your mind.
hugging your shoulder
is Hermès.

the vodka is cold and
melts red lip-gloss.
pigeons scatter upon a
bleak skyline.

cabbies ignore your hail;
enjoy your walk.
enraptured in luxury with
your Vera Wang.

Clive Christian's essence
follows your shadow.
the depth of your hell has
only just arrived.

in a lighters flash, savor
your last raucous rave,
on a ramp by the tracks
sleep well lunatique.
Untitled, #Pa1061-1554, Palermo, Italy, 2013, from the series, “Vanitas”  -- Matthew Rolston

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  1. Jimmy Choo, the son of a Malaysian cobbler, Made his 1st pair of shoes when he was 11. After moving to the UK to study design he opened his own shop in 1986 and quickly gained the attention of "Vogue" and beame a fashionable coutierier. In 1996 he founded Jimmy Choo Ltd with "Vogue" accessories editor Tamara Melton but sold his 1/2 interest for £10 million in 1996, though he continued to produce designs for his old firm.

    Thierry Hermès established a harness workshop in Paris in 1828 to make high-quality wrought harnesses and bridles. His son Charles-Émile added saddlery to the lineup and expanded internationally. He was followed by his sons Adolphe and Émile-Maurice, who renamed the firm Hermès Frères. When Émile-Maurice took over he became he introduced the zipper (patented by Gideon Sundback in the US 1914 -- B. F. Goodrich coined the word "zipper" in 1923) in France for use on leather goods and clothing. He introduced handbags in 1922 and continued to add other fashion items, including silk ties and perfume.

    Vera Wang was the granddaughter of the warlord who ruled Manchuria until 1928. After his assassination her mother moved to the US and married a medicine maker. Wang graduated from Sarah Lawrence with a degree in art history and joined "Vogue" as its youngest editor. After 17 years she joined Ralph Lauren as a designer, then struck out on her own as an independent bridal wear designer and expanded into other kinds of dresses, including evening wear and costumes for figure skaters.

    Scottish interior designer Clive Christian opened his furniture company in 1978, and in 1999 he bought the Crown Perfumery Company (established in 1972). Two years later he introduced Clive Christian No. 1, the world's most expensive fragrance at over $2,000 an ounce.


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