Monday, August 14, 2017

Heather Jephcott writes

Fear Haunted Her Heart  
Fear haunted her heart,
her thoughts
remaining a reason
for why.

She was dressed dowdily,
her clothing did not fit,
even when dressing her best
she made sure no curves were showing
and that she looked like
one complete frump.

Fear kept her
from smiling openly, widely
even when her heart

She made sure any smiles were small
never directing them towards men.
When asked to smile for the camera
the smiles were tentative
quickly disappearing.

There was one who was always trying
to rule her life
with an iron fist.
She wanted him
to have no cause
for jealousy,
zero reason
to think she was trying to attract.

Almost always
she felt like a nobody
but this was a time to shine,
the opportunity of her son's wedding.

She did not take the opening offered,
didn't even see it
for fear would not allow her
to make anything
of herself.

 Image result for timid woman paintings
 Eye Timid Woman -- Jack Mast

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