Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gopal Lahiri writes


Images are soft, 
Tiny, striking oriental dwarf, 
Riot of tall grasses.

Skies open up,
The wide eyed blue bird
Exchanging morning lights

Beyond the lonely clouds,
A web of gazes all round -

Studying you in pin drop silence.

Long shadows fall on the floor,
On the mossy wall of the terrace -

You can see it.

Branches kiss the glass window
A steady breeze rinses your hands,
Wraps the sourness of your face.

If you look up -
The long neck of the heron accepts
Defeat, seeking now only the escape route.

All I want to see
The natural order.

We never knew what the baseline is.
 Image result for heron painting
Great Blue Heron, Walking in the Reeds -- Derrick Higgins

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