Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Felino A. Soriano writes

Sedentary Fathoms
                              |section two|

   Voices of the silent halls
  spoke too soon. Bodies,
      remain. Retain warmth
 through moving exterior
    to what rain’s angular syllables
   spelled since provenance. Birth, it
  is or what it was following the death
  of the one or plural plagued
 by leaving and entering a dark so
     dark its name is removed from
   a light reflecting light amid noon’s
  normal etching. Gallery this is and since
 its inception. Looking is doing as does
    culture expecting devotion
   viewing from angles known but

Purpose from those in the windows
    wearing stilled motive. Posture is
   as much language as the body’s
       position showing limitations in
     whole or fractioned phases|


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