Monday, August 21, 2017

A. V. Koshy writes

Swapna Sundari
(First Draft.)

Leptis Magna 3

We built this gate

the Gate/doorway of/to Africa 
One fifth of the oil - we sent it back - 
to Rome came from here

We built this city small

with all its beauties and baths

and small coliseum

and in the nights I would come home

to you

Our sweaty bodies 
would reflect the torches' lights

- those stuck into the ground -

while we made love

Far away Rome to which all roads led raged

not knowing why or how we found it easy

to stick it out!

Coliseum, Leptis Magna

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  1. Marcus Pompeius Silvanus Staberius Flavinus dedicated the coliseum of Lepcis Magna to emperor Nero in 56. The oval arena measuring 57 x 47 meters was excavated in a natural depression, or a former quarry, in the rocky terrace near the sea, about a kilometer southeast of the city, and could accommodate about 16,000 people. The elites populated the lower ranks, especially the southeastern side, where they could enjoy the smooth wind, and some sort of wooden portico containing the cheap seats probably surrounded the amphitheater. Shows started early in the morning, when animals like a bull and a bear fought each other, and at noon criminals were executed by being thrown to the beasts. In the afternoon the gladiators fought to the death. It contained an altar for Nemesis, the goddess of doom, a favorite deity in Roman amphitheaters, and an access to the southeast led to a sanctuary dedicated to Artemis (Diana to the Romans).


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