Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fee Thomas writes

Shells On The Floor

I spent the day alone filled with people
I couldn't take the silence a moment longer
So I hopped the bus to Uptown 
To be alone with folks like me
I opened the door to William's Pub 
And there he was
Trying to be original
I knew his story right away 
Though he bought me a drink and slid on over
Telling me more
On and on
The Nothingness in his voice
Bombarded my ears
While I grabbed from the peanut jar
"The Replacements" played from the box
I made a motion to my lips
Clearly he had no idea
Who he was
As I turned and left to go
It was such a sad affair
He was every man I ever knew
Just shells on the floor.
 Image result for in a bar painting
Bar at "Orsay" -- Tsar (Valery Tsarikovsky)

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