Saturday, August 26, 2017

Christopher Hopkins writes

Sunday morning sermon blues
The after hum of copper peal.
That lingering draw of church bells, 
once at rest.

The air is white with peace. 
A clear resonance for a moment, 
before the bleeding screams 

of gulls reach down.
The ashen coke sky grey flecks,
matching paper print on kitchen tops,

breakfast spots on ironed shirt 
and soap tides on five years olds.
Sunday welcomes all.

Come repent your week's reliefs.
and abide with countenance
of the hallow’d smiles,

as such warm beds are wasted,
to such a waking hour.
Our guilt played,

with saintly pluck.
Bless us all, each one.
Ranked by ordained love.
Image result for sunday church paintings
Sunday Mass at St. James RC Church --  Leonardo Ruggieri

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