Thursday, August 10, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

2017 Thus Far   
2017. It’s August and I’d like to publish.
There’s no hurry and no rush,
It’s fortifying to grow numbers,
Make and see the cover art,
Participating in the higher parts…
Feel talented and smart
If only then and in the writing?

The numbers keep on adding up:
A hundred-eighty poems this year,
A hundred-eighty poems so far…
An inspirational phenomenon to push one further.

Can’t stop! 
Who would want to,
When a kindly genie seems to rent a room
And pay good money in poetic form?

Haunting in the nicest ways -
This urge to set a phrase,
A thought’s reflection; work it into some construction –

Who can shun
A genie who insists on staying;
Who supplies such artistry,                 
When it is so transfixing
To creep into form and meaning,
Discipline, discovery, analysis;
Abstruse surprise
I had no thought was there.
So there!
2017 thus far!
 Genie in the Cave -- Madame Thenadier

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